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Detect the hidden messages hidden behind the words . It is about collecting the real message, the important one, as well as the interests that are hidden behind the words.

The 5 steps to achieve active listening.

Some authors like Dugger affirm that to reach what is called the active spit, the intervention of these five actions is necessary:1. Listen to the content . The content consists of words, facts, figures, ideas and logic.2. Listen to the intention . When you find out the intention, you get to balance the content of the message.3. Value the nonverbal communication of the speaker . The speaker's body language and its content are heard equally.4. Control your nonverbal communication and emotional filters. Taking care of your own emotional filter will help your interlocutor to improve his message.5. Listen without judging . Not making judgments about the person or about their message also favors the message of your interlocutor. can write my essay>&

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